Service V.V.I.

Visitatori Volontari Italiani

The  V.V.I. offers time and resources to provide a range of services:

Hospital Visits

The V.V.I. visits Italians whose admission to hospital is known to the Italian Consulate General. Besides offering moral support, V.V.I. can act as interpreters between patients and hospital staff.

Prison Visits

The V.V.I. visits Italian inmates being held within HM Prisons. They act on behalf of the Consular Authority, which issues them with letters of credentials. They cooperate fully with the welfare officer of the Consulate General.


The V.V.I. acts as mentor to young people with social and other personal issues.


The V.V.I. befriends the elderly whose state of solitude and needs are known to the Consulate General.

Assistance to Families

The V.V.I. offers moral and practical support to the families of patients who are in hospital or who are inmates of HM Prisons.

Psychological Assistance

An Italian psychotherapist is also available for counselling and support.



Tel: 020 7838 6984



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