History V.V.I.

Visitatori Volontari Italiani

In 1989, in response to the dire and overwhelming needs of Italian drug users, the Italian Consulate General set up an ad hoc committee, under the auspices of SCODA, and with the cooperation of several street agencies. The first group of volunteers made themselves available to visit drug users who were either admitted to hospital or detained in HM Prisons. In 1999 the Volunteers became a  Charitable Association and could receive funds from the Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs and other sources. The Volunteers extended their activities to several other fields that can be found in the services page.

The need for financial support has grown likewise, since in 2011 the Italian Government had to suspend contributions due to the internal financial review.

People of goodwill are welcome to join.


Tel: 020 7838 6984

E-mail: contact@vvi.org.uk

Web: www.vvi.org.uk

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