Volunteering with V.V.I.

Visitatori Volontari Italiani

V.V.I. always needs voluteers. In order to became a volunteer you have to be fluent in Italian and willing to donate some of your free time.

Most of the visits take place mainly in or around London, although the Consular District extends well beyond the Capital.

The Voluteer Visitor needs a highly developed ability to listen empathically and without judgment. A total respect of others’ privacy is also an essential requisite.

The Voluteer is the link between the needs and requests of the person visited and the Social Services of the Consulate General.

If you wish to be a volunteer, please send an e-mail at the address below and ask for an interview.


Tel: 02078386984

E-Mail: contact@vvi.org.uk

Web: www.vvi.org.uk

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